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*updated* Sunday March 24 2019 (includes results for March Basho)

This chart lists the pre-basho (tournament) ranking of the 42 rikishi (sumo wrestlers) competing in the top sumo division (Makuuchi), along with their win/loss record after the basho. Top level sumo bashos are held every two months, starting in January of each year. The chart shows a link between each wrestler’s ranking from basho to basho, so you can follow a wrestler’s relative progress. After each basho, some rikishi are demoted from Makuuchi level to the second level competition (Juryo). An equal number of rikishi that excelled in the Juryo level competition are promoted to Makuuuchi for the next basho. These promotions and demotions are noted, along with the Makuuchi tournament winner. This chart was completed at the end of January 2019, so it includes the results of the January basho in the Tokyo Kokugikan arena. I tried to make this chart 100% accurate, but errors may exist. Errors can be reported to 

Fred Pinkerton, Massachusetts USA  

What you see below is a detail from the chart, the entire chart is too wide to be displayed on a web page. Clicking here or on the detail image below should open the .pdf format chart in your browser.  If you want to download the PDF, use the “download PDF” button below.

Use the zoom in/out feature of Adobe Reader to adjust the chart height to match the height of your screen. Then use the horizontal slider bar to move earlier and later in the chart.

Detail from Current chart 3/24/19

The Chart’s last edit was 03/24/19

Why Are There Three Versions of the Bansuke chart? If you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer/phone/tablet, the PDF file is very clear and sharp and the file is very small. So that’s my recommended choice. Please note: many other programs/apps can read PDF files. Many of these PDF readers do a poor job at zooming the view in and out compared to Adobe’s Reader. With a chart this big, good zooming behavior is important. Adobe created the PDF file format. Their programs should zoom properly. The PNG file is second best. The file size is much larger than the PDF size but it still looks very clear. Any good image viewing program should support/read a PNG. The JPG file is the largest of the three options and is a little fuzzier than the PNG. But it’s quite readable.

Webmaster’s Note: What does this have to do with Well, nothing… Fred Pinkerton is a friend and an Audio guy from way back, and a heck of a photographer whose work appears on this website. It’s just a convenient place to host Fred’s Sumo project. The Webmaster is a Sumo fan as well.


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