Nobody Knows Tivoli Radios like we do

Bruce Gregory is our repair wizard. He was Tivoli’s Chief Engineer until his recent retirement.  Bruce started working with Henry Kloss–the Tivoli Model One’s designer–at KLH in the late ’60s.  After the Model One and PAL radios were designed, Bruce Gregory did the majority of on-going updates on these products. He did primary design work on all later Tivoli models.  At the time of his retirement, Bruce was the last Tivoli employee to work with Henry Kloss (who passed away in 2002).

Why Rockport?

Well, it represents our north shore of Massachusetts roots. We’re actually in the ocean-side town of Swampscott MA, but that’s a town name that confuses too many people. Rockport– another nearby scenic coastal town–has a name people can spell after hearing it once. Plus our office is alongside the Rockport Line on the MBTA commuter Rail.  The Lynn MA town line is a few yards south of us, so Rockport Radio is within sight of the Marshmallow Fluff factory in Lynn.

We’re actually moving our office/storage to Lynn, (even though it’s just across our parking lot) but our shipping/mailing address won’t change. Just happens to be a different building owned by our charming and generous landlord.  Right now we share office/storage space with ZVOX Audio. and they accept our deliveries through the goodness of their hearts..