Can We Fix It?

Probably, though repair is not always the best route. If you have contacted Tivoli Audio about fixing your radio, they may have referred  you to us. 

If you have read this far, you may have a good reason for wanting a repair of your radio. Perhaps you have a color or finish that is no longer available. Or your specific Tivoli has become like a member of your family. We understand the feeling.

Rockport Radio concentrates on the repair of Tivoli Model One, Model Two, Model Three, and Tivoli PAL radios . If you contact us, it’s likely we can identify the cause of any problem you may have with your Model One or Pal and provide a price quote for a repair. You can contact us about other Tivoli products also.

Rockport Radio has identified sources for the major components of Tivoli radios.  We also have a stock of good quality components recovered from radios.

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