Ever wanted to mount your Model One under a kitchen cabinet? Sure, but you can’t do it without ruining your wood veneer cabinet. We can show you how, and sell you a slightly used Model One cabinet that you can use for this purpose or keep in reserve if you’re scared to permanently deface the original cabinet. You can refinish these cabinets to a certain extent.

All it takes is the right screwdriver and a little courage to change out the cabinet yourself (We’ll send you photos that illustrate the steps involved). The photo below indicates that I used a really beat up cabinet because I had doubts about how long it would last. Well it’s been there for almost 15 years. The Model One shown below is a very early production model perhaps one of the first 10 thousand that were manufactured.

If you’re wondering what I used to mount this Model One ? Easy with these 3M fasteners (which are like Velcro, but stronger) two of them will hold about 20 lbs which is about 4 times the weight of your Model One. Use more than two and you may never be able to yank it off.

Email us at info@rockportradio.com for details about getting a spare Model One cabinet you can re-finish or experiment with.

My Kitchen Model One, it seems to be tuned to WEEI-FM for a Red Sox Game.