UPDATE: MIT Flea cancelled until 2022 !

Details at their webpage https://w1mx.mit.edu/flea-at-mit/

It will be about 2 years since the last one in 2019 and that’s only if they have it in October 2021, traditionally the final Flea of the season normally held on the third Sunday of April – October

Wanna talk about careful? MIT requires Vaccination, AND weekly testing AND masks for indoor access. Thing is, this event is in an open-to-the-elements garage way, way off Mass Ave. at the corner of Main and Albany . It used to be in an outdoor parking lot with the garage as sort of an indoor refuge for rainy days. Now there are no open outdoor parking lots as MIT is building on every open space. The least they could do is move the thing over to one of the athletic fields or some other open space.

But Wait ! MIT’s own website says indoor events are permitted ! See below. I guess the real issue here is whether this is an indoor or outdoor event. I say “outdoor” is more appropriate. OK, we’ll wear masks.

June 7, from the MIT Vice President for Human Resources: Campus events: Events sponsored by MIT departments, labs, centers, offices, and student organizations are now permitted. Event sponsors are expected to register all attendees for events that include non-MIT visitors; for contact-tracing purposes, all attendees at such events must provide their name, contact information, and voluntary information on their vaccination status. Visitor access for events must be managed as described above. All attendees must wear well-fitted face coverings while at indoor events on campus. While events that include food are permissible, buffet-style serving is not permitted.